What is STARFiiSH?

STARFiiSH is a people and culture survey that measures technology company’s team member engagement, and then collaborates with them to improve. Employee engagement is measured in our 3P model - how team members rate their: Pride; Passion; and Present commitment for the employers.

Our tool is mobile friendly, uses language that resonates with the connected generation, and takes an average of just 6-minutes for participants to complete.

STARFiiSH is powered by Sentis, a Vancouver-based research firm, to ensure the tool is both scientifically valid and reliable, and maintains the highest level of privacy and confidentiality to our customers.


A 6-minute (mobile friendly) survey to determine your team's level of engagement. Are you certain today where you should be allocating your HR resources?

Added Insights

Additional questions that aim to confirm or dispel prevailing norms in the Tech sector. Are ping pong tables and beer taps actually important to your people?

What does STARFiiSH measure?


Are your team members promoters of your employer brand? Do they treat the business as if it’s their own? Pride powers great decision making and innovation.


Do your team members believe in your product and vision? Do they find delight in their work? Passion is fundamental to getting the most from your team members.

PRESENT commitment

The generation most prevalent in the technology sector are changing jobs, on average, every 2-years. We believe that truly engaged team members will stay much longer if their company culture resonates with their expectations. Present commitment measures how engaged your team is today, not whether they intend to retire with you.

What makes STARFiiSH unique?

MEASURE your team’s engagement.

You will receive a detailed analysis (and online self-service reporting) of your team member engagement within 2-weeks of the survey intake completion date.

Your report not only includes a company-wide “STARFiiSH” score, results of each survey question, and a PDF of the verbatim comments, but also a confidential ranking of how you fair against other technology companies in your city - those you compete for talent with.

This analysis will clearly highlight your areas of strength and opportunities, and should be used to assist in the crafting of your people & culture strategic planning.

COLLABORATE towards improvement.

A measurement is fruitless without a plan for improvement.

Unlike other survey tools that simply provide an engagement score, STARFiiSH will provide you with a 30-minute (phone) consultation and a first draft of action planning that is tailored to your unique results.

Further, you will have access to our ever growing open-sourced people & culture best practices, and a contact list of vetted consultants who have specific subject matter expertise to help you elevate your team’s engagement.

STRENGTHEN your company.

We believe so strongly in our 3P model and our action planning process that all STARFiiSH packages include two (2) survey intakes.

In other words, once you benchmark your team member engagement and then execute on your action planning, we encourage you to administer the survey again to show your progress over a 6-month period.

STRENGTHEN the tech sector.

We intentionally keep the participant rankings confidential. STARFiiSH is not a vanity metric you should use to bolster your talent acquisition efforts.

Our hope is that all companies, particularly those that fall under the 50th percentile, will commit (and invest) to elevating their engagement score. By doing so, they’ll put pressure on other tech companies to continually up their game. Over time, everyone wins.

Oh, and we give 10% of our annual profits to registered charities in your city that promote the technology sector. You can track our giving through Chimp.net.

Why join the STARFiiSH tribe?

Team Member engagement matters.

We all get that. Here are 5-reasons for you to join the STARFiiSH tribe today:

  1. You want to control your own destiny during this unprecedented battle for talent occurring in the technology sector;
  2. You lack credible data points to determine your team member engagement (e.g. you either don’t survey or administer your own on survey monkey or typeform);
  3. You have limited financial and/or people resources and expertise to administer a robust survey and then create meaningful action plans;
  4. We will do all the leg-work to ensure a seamless experience - from team member communication templates to initial action planning;
  5. You believe that if technology companies commit to measuring and improving on our people and culture practices against that same benchmark, the entire sector will continue to thrive and attract/retain top talent from around the world.



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